Monday, May 19, 2008

May 18, 2008

I thought I would add some pice this week to the blog. I took some pics of the young pigs and Mama pig. They are doing well. They are slowly becoming a little friendlier the last few times I have visited them. I think Sausage and Biscuit are more like pets than fodder. Let me be clear about one thing. CORN IS EXPENSIVE! I could not believe how much corn we are feeding these pigs. I can assure you there is no profit in it for me. I am doing it out of fun and wanting to keep my food drug free if at all possible. I am glad i have some partners in this little deal. Rodney, Dave, and Parker came out to help this weekend. We got some food plots planted and piddled around the farm. Parker is turning 4 next month and I think a John Deere tractor is his favorite thing in the world. He loves to ride around on the tractor all day long. I also took a pic of the garden that has been planted on the farm. We should have plenty of ripe veggies in a few months.
My Dad has gone absolutely nuts on strawberries. He is picking strawberries almost every day and taking them to people all over Middle Tennessee. He has a heart of gold. He picks strawberries darn near all day and pays $1.30 a pound and then gives them away. He even pays his friend Amy to help him pick them at $15.00 per hour. I figure he is giving away about $150 to $200 per day of strawberries. He did this with grass cutting as well. He has but one speed and that is wide open all the time everyday. Since Mom passed away he has been taking life on by the horns. I just hope he is going slow enough to actually enjoy it.
My wife has become concerned that the farm life is not for a city girl like her. I have assured her that she will fall in love with the country. There is nothing like driving through the country on a Sunday afternoon. I bought her a washboard and some lye soap to help her become better acquainted with the creek. Who knows? Maybe some day she will want to make her own dresses. I really want to see that let me tell you. ;)


Angie Poag said...

Let's not hold your breath on the creek, washboard, and dress thing honey! Let's also hope this little farm business of yours clears enough cash for me to have extra gas money to drive into the mall! ;)

Anonymous said...

apples don't fall from the tree!