Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today is the first Mother's Day without my Mom. She passed away in November and it was a difficult day for me. I went out to the grave site and took some time to reflect on my life and tell her I miss her. I spoke with My Aunt Phyllis who is my Mom's sister. We chatted for a few minutes. I am looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks. She really reminds me of my Mom and I feel closer to her now than I did growing up. I have two wonderful cousins on her side Ben and Bethany that have turned out to be wonderful parents. I am glad to have them as family. I think over time we will all get a little closer. I sure do miss my Mom.
I was at the farm this weekend and the war pigs are doing great. Sausage and Biscuit sure are like pets. The are the first to greet me when I come out to the pen. I brought them a truckload of corn and softened it by putting it in a barrel and adding water. It takes a couple of days to get absorbed intothe corn, but the go absolutely bananas for it. Big Mama came down for a few minutes to eat. I had to put her food out separately because she kept going from feed tray to feed tray running the little ones off. She finally calmed down and munched on some corn. I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive hobby.
I let my chickens out this afternoon a little early and they had a ball. Left-overs are their favorite. There is no sight in the world like chickens with spaghetti noodles hanging out of their mouth running from each other. I did get some pics of them today to post. I am going to get an incubator and raise about 50 more to have down on the farm. If you ever need any fresh eggs let me know. I have them coming out my ears now with only 12 hens.


Angie Poag said...

I too believe this is going to turn out to be an expensive hobby my dear husband!

DRM said...

Bah - think positive! It can't be any worse than owning a boat, or hunting, or... well... I'll stop now.